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Macromolecular Chemistry I:

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Soluble aromatic polyamides and polyimides
Contact: Hans-Werner Schmidt, Reiner Giesa
This scheme illustrated the realization of the non-coplanar structure units in the monomer BPDA by the introduction of meta substituents. Additionally the linkage in the BPDA permits a cis configuration, which can be transferred into the linear trans configuration by external forces.

In general, rod-like polymers, due to strong enthalpic interactions and the minimal increase in conformational entropy associated with their dissolution or melting, are basically intractable or only processable under extreme conditions. To overcome these difficulties, structural modifications of the polymer backbone, such as bulky lateral substituents, flexible alkyl side-chains, non-coplanar biphenyl moieties, and kinked comonomers have been investigated to modify the properties. The majority of these structure-property investigations were studied on thermotropic aromatic polyesters and lyotropic polyamides. In comparison, investigations on rod-like aromatic polyimides are rather limited. This does not regard the potential of these materials for high modulus, high strength fibers or materials with low thermal expansion coefficients.

List of publications

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