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Gerold Schmitt: Publications

Schmitt, G.; Giesa, R.; Schmidt, H.-W.: Cholesteric networks based on lyotropic mixtures, ChemPhysChem, 4, 505-508 (2003)
Schmitt, G.; Schmidt, H.-W.; Giesa, R.: New liquid crystalline di- and tetra-acrylates for network formation, Liquid Crystals 28, 1611-1621 (2001)
Schmitt, G.; Giesa, R.; Schmidt, H.-W.: New nematic diacrylates with a calamitic core of four to six aromatic rings for the preparation of cholesteric networks, Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle 29, 10 (2000)
Schmitt, G.; Eiselt, P.; Giesa, R.; Schmidt, H.-W.: Synthesis and properties of para-linked aromatic polycondensates containing 3,3 ,4,4 -biphenyltetracarboxylic-N,N-bis(4-aminobiphenyl) diimide units, Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics, 200, 1879-1888 (1999)
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