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Martin Eckl: Publications

Hohle, C.; Eckl, M.; Hofmann, U.; Schloter, S.; Haarer, D.; Strohriegl, P.: Synthetic approaches to photorefractive polymers and low molar mass glasses, Proceedings of SPIE 3144, 134 (1997)
Eckl, M.; Strohriegl, P.; Eich, M.; Sprave, M.; Vydra, J.: Nonlinear optical active polymethacrylates with high glass transition temperatures, Molecular Crystals Liquid Crystals, 283, 143 (1996)
Hagen, R.; Zobel, O.; Sahr, O.; Biber, M.; Eckl, M.; Strohriegl, P.; Eisenbach, C.D.; Haarer, D.: Poling and orientational relaxation: Comparison of nonlinear optical main-chain and side-chain polymers, Journal of Applied Physics, 80, 3162 (1996)
Eckl, M.; Müller, H.; Strohriegl, P.; Beckmann, S.; Etzbach, K.-H.; Eich, M.; Vydra, J.: NLO-active polymethacrylates with high glass-transition temperatures, Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics, 196, 315 (1995)
Eckl, M.; Müller, H.; Strohriegl, P.; Eich, M.; Sprave, M.; Vydra, J.: Nonlinear optical active polymethacrylates, Proceedings of SPIE 2527, 92-104 (1995)
Vydra, J.; Beisinghoff, H.; Feix, H.; Eckl, M.; Strohriegl, P.; Görtz, W.; Eich, M.: Photobleaching in side chain NLO-polymers, Proceedings of SPIE 2527, 171-79 (1995)
Zobel, O.; Eckl, M.; Strohriegl, P.; Haarer, D.: Polysiloxane based photorefractive polymer with high optical gain and diffraction efficiency, Advanced Materials, 7, 911 (1995)
Eich, M.; Beisinghoff, H.; Knödler, B.; Ohl, M.; Sprave, M.; Vydra, J.; Eckl, M.; Strohriegl, P.; Dörr, M.; Zentel, R.; Ahlheim, M.; Stähelin, M.; Zysset, B.; Liang, J.; Levenson, R.; Zyss, J.: Electrooptical properties and poling stability of high glass transition polymers, Proceedings of SPIE 2285, 104-116 (1994)
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