Makromolekulare Chemie II

    Prof. Dr. Axel Müller

Arbeitsgebiete: Jiayin Yuan

Theme 1:  Cadmium Selenide Nanowires within Core-Shell Cylindrical Polymer Brushes (CPB):
  Synthesis, Characterization and the Double-Loading Process

Illustration of the CdSe nanowire synthesis inside the CPB.
A) the core-shell CPB, [AA25-nBA61]1500;
B) polychelate of the polymer brush and Cd2+;
C) 1st loaded hybrid of the CPB and CdSe nanowires;
D) the 2nd loaded hybrid of the CPB and CdSe nanowires.


Theme 2:  Room-temperature growth of uniform tellurium nanorods
and the assembly of tellurium or Fe3O4 nanoparticles on the nanorods

Uniform single-crystalline well-dispersed Te nanorods with high aspect ratio (~20) were achieved
by purging in-situ generated H2Te gas into PtBMA cylindrical polymer brush solution in THF.

A) AFM height image of PtBMA CPB on mica (Z range 6 nm)
B) TEM image of Te nanorods on carbon-coated TEM grid
C) TEM image of a single Te nanorod with its SAED pattern

The prepared Te nanorods were able to align inorganic nanoparticles (Te or Fe3O4).
Te nanorod/Te nanoparticle complex
Te nanorod/Fe3O4 nanoparticle complex

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