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108. Gerle, M.; Fischer, K.; Schmidt, M.; Roos, S.; Müller, A.H.E.; Sheiko, S.S.; Möller, M.: Main chain conformation and anomalous elution behavior of cylindrical brushes as revealed by GPC/MALLS, light scattering, and SFM, Macromolecules 32, 2629 (1999)
High molar mass polymacromonomers based on methacryloyl end-functionalized oligo methacrylates (Mn = 2410 g/mol) adopt the conformation of wormlike cylindrical brushes. Comparison of the absolute molar mass, Mw, determined by static light scattering and the contour length, Lw, of the molecules measured by SFM in the dry state revealed the length per vinylic main chain monomer of the cylindrical structure to be less than 0.1 nm, thus being much shorter than the maximum value of 0.25 nm. In solution this shrinkage could be quantified to 0.071 nm per monomer by Holtzer analysis of the scattering curves which in addition yielded the Kuhn statistical segment length lk = 120 nm. GPC MALLS investigations of such samples showed an anomalous elution effect: After a regular elution at small elution volumes the molar mass of the eluting molecules increased drastically with increasing elution volume. Fractionation by GPC showed that this effect is caused by a fraction of extremely high molar mass molecules which elute by an unknown mechanism rather than by size exclusion.

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