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110. Nakhamanovich, B.I.; Arest-Yakubovich, A.; Feldthusen, J.; Müller, A.H.E.: Synthesis of Block Copolymers of Isobutylene with Diene Monomers on the Basis of Active Center Transformation, Vysokomol. Soedin., Ser.A, 41, 931 (1999); Polym. Sci., Ser. A, 41, 603 (1999)
The principal opportunity to synthesize isobutylene-block-butadiene or isobutylene-block-(butadiene-co-styrene) copolymers has been demonstrated. For this purpose, butadiene monomer or styrene-butadiene mixture were polymerized by anionic macroinitiator obtained by the reaction of alkali metals with the product of interaction between living cationic polyisobutylene active centres and 1,1-diphenylethylene. Some specific features of interaction between alkali metals and sterically hindered 1,1-diphenylalkylenes has been also discussed.

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