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86. Müller, A.H.E.; Yan, D.Y.; Wulkow, M.: Molecular parameters of hyperbranched polymers made by self-condensing vinyl polymerization, 1. Molecular weight distribution, Macromolecules 30, 7015 (1997)
The molecular weight distribution (MWD) and its moments are calculated for hyperbranched polymers formed by self-condensing vinyl polymerization (SCVP) of monomers ("inimers") with the general structure AB*, where A is a vinyl group and B* is an initiating group. The calculated MWD is extremely broad, the polydispersity index (PDI) being equal to the number-average degree of polymerization: w/n = n. It is twice as broad as that for the polycondensation of AB2 type monomers. If the fraction of unreacted monomer is not taken into account, the MWD becomes somewhat narrower, 'w/'n 0.40'n. The kinetics of the polymerization process are first order with respect to the concentration of vinyl groups; n, w, and PDI increase exponentially with time. Comparison of the theoretical results with experimental data indicates that the rate constant of addition of an active center to a vinyl group decreases with increasing degree of polymerization. Since there are two different active centers in SCVP, namely initiating ones, B*, and propagating ones, A*, nonequal reactivities of the two centers (kA kB) have a strong effect on kinetics and MWD. The MWD narrows down to w/n = 2 for kA kB (corresponding to the common polycondensation of AB monomers) but broadens for kB > kA. Several deviations from ideal behavior are discussed.

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