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Macromolecular Chemistry I:

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Cosima Freiin von Salis-Soglio: Talks, Posters...

Melt Electrospinning of Polypropylene Containing 1,3,5-Benzenetricarboxamides and Salts as AdditivesSinger, J; von Salis-Soglio, C; Giesa, R; Schmidt, H-WElectrospin 2012, Jeju, South Korea: 2012-05-29 - 2012-06-01
Melt electrospinning of small molecules forming supramolecular aggregatesSinger, J*; von Salis-Soglio, C; Giesa, R; Schmidt, H-WElectrospinning, Principles, Possibilities and Practice, London: 2012-03-21 - 2012-03-22

* denotes presenting person
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