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Lattermann, G.; Schaz, A.; Valaityte, E.: Investigations on liquid crystalline partially fluorinated alkyl and succinimidyl benzoates, Liquid Crystals 32(4), 513-525 (2005)
The synthesis and mesophase properties of partially fluorinated alkoxy-substituted benzoic alkyl and succinimidyl ( NHS) esters with one, two and three perfluoroalkyl alkoxy chains are reported. The mesophases were studied using differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), polarizing optical microscopy and X-ray diffraction of non-oriented samples. The SmA phases of the one-chain methyl esters are monotropic, while those of the one-chain NHS esters are enantiotropic. The more wedge-shaped two- and three-chain alkyl esters do not form mesophases, whereas the succinimidyl analogues exhibit hexagonal columnar phases. Their enhanced mesophase stability is caused by the higher polarity of the succinimidyl ring with respect to the alkyl ester groups. Aggregation of the dipolar succinimidyl groups, together with the microsegregation of the lipophilic and fluorophilic segments of the partially fluorinated alkoxy chains, is assumed to lead to a threefold structured morphology in both the SmA and the Col(h) phases. This threefold structuring can be regarded as analogous to known morphologies of ABC triblock copolymers.
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