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Lattermann, G.; Krekhova, M.: Thermoreversible ferrogels, Macromolecular Rapid Communications, 27(16), 1373-1379 (2006)
For the first time, thermoreversible ferrogels (FG) by phys. gelation of ferrofluids have been described. Finavestan A80B paraffin oil in a concn. range of the gelator KRATON G-1650 with Cgelator = 3-10 wt.-%, was used to obtain stable and homogeneous FGs. TEM micrographs revealed that the magnetite particles are preferably located in the 'free' paraffin phase between micellar domains of the gelator. So, the magnetite nanoparticles make visible a 'neg.' picture of the structure of the micellar domains of the gel, which is obsd. in the pure gel as a 'pos.' image. The mean diam. of the polystyrene cores is .hivin.d = 17 nm, and that of the magnetite particles is .hivin.d = 7 nm.

Erratum at ibid 27(22), p. 1968.

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