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Gietl, M.L.; Schmidt, H.-W.; Giesa, R.; Terrenoire, A.; Balk, R.: Semiquantitative Method for the Evaluation of Grease Barrier Coatings, Progress in Organic Coatings, 66, 107-112 (2009) -- DOI: 10.1016/j.porgcoat.2009.06.009
Many tests are known for testing the grease barrier performance of coatings in paper or paperboard. Some are manifested in standard procedures such as TAPPI, ASTM, or ISO, but as many procedures were developed and modified by companies and research groups. Mainly the test methods are based on visually detecting the amount of oil, which is in most cases dyed for better contrast, penetrating through the coating, meaning the procedures are based on a subjective visual evaluation and thus often not linked for instance to a statistical meaningful physical value. We found that by using a slightly modified ASTM D 722 test the L*a*b* color coordinates determined with a commercial handheld spectrophotometer are related to the grease barrier performance of an organic coating. By applying this new method the penetration time of an oil/dye mixture could be correlated to the lightness L* and chromaticity b* and fitted by an exponential function. Furthermore, the coating was slightly modified and an improvement or worsening of the grease barrier could be detected clearly outside of the statistical scatter of a control series. We call this method semiquantitative, since the level of grease barrier of a coating is not measured directly by a quantitative value, but color coordinates are correlated in a series to the effectiveness of the grease barrier.
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