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Forman, D.C.; Wieberger, F.; Gröschel, A.H.; Müller, A.H.E.; Schmidt, H.-W.; Ober, C.K.: Comparison of star and linear ArF resists, Proceedings of SPIE, 7639, 76390P (2010) -- DOI: 10.1117/12.848344
Key words: A6
Linear and star-shaped ArF photoresists were prepd. and preliminary lithog. comparison was performed using electron-beam exposure. An oligo-initiator based on saccharose forms the core of the star shaped photoresist from which three std. ArF photoresist monomers, .alpha.-gamma butyrolactone methacrylate (GBLMA), Me adamantyl methacrylate (MAMA) and hydroxyl adamantyl methacrylate (HAMA) were polymd. Conditions were adjusted to obtain a low polydispersity, 6 kg/mol star polymer with a d.p. of approx. five mers per arm. For comparison, a linear photoresist control was prepd. using the same scheme. The star resist architecture was found to improve roughness without reducing sensitivity or resoln
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