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Hofmann, C.; Lindner, S.; Ruppert, M.; Hirsch, A.; Haque, S.A.; Thelakkat, M.; Köhler, J.: The influence of π-π-stacking on the light-harvesting properties of perylene bisimide antennas that are covalently linked to a [60]fullerene., Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 12(43), 14485-91 (2010) -- DOI: 10.1039/C0CP01200A
A flexible organic triad consisting of two perylene bisimide antennas covalently linked to a [60]fullerene by flexible spacers has been synthesized and studied by electrochemistry, steady-state and time-resolved spectroscopy. We found that - -stacking of the two antenna subunits has considerable impact on the photophysics of the system and leads to a reduction of the effective light-harvesting efficiency of the assembly. This finding is important for light harvesting in flexible materials based on the dye antenna-fullerene concept.
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