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Schütz, M.; Schedl, A.E.; Wagner, F.; Breu, J.: Complexing aging assisted synthesis of high aspect ratio Fe3+/Mg2+ layered double hydroxides, Applied Clay Science 54(3-4), 281-286 (2011) -- DOI: 10.1016/j.clay.2011.10.004
A new, facile synthesis for Fe3 +/Mg2 + LDHs is developed and investigated. The crucial feature of the synthesis is the usage of a complexing agent (diethylenetriamine, DETA) to increase the solubility of iron phases precipitated intermediately. The influences of different synthesis parameter like DETA concentration, pH value, and temperature are investigated. The optimized synthesis route yields high aspect ratio Fe3 +/Mg2 + LDHs which are expected to be interesting filler materials for flame retardant nanocomposites.
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