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Arbeitsgebiete: Stefan Reinicke

pH- and temperature sensitive hydrogels showing reversible
formation and/or swelling/contraction

Trishydrophilic Triblock Terpolymers

  • Hydrogel formation only at suitable pH and temperature
  • Adjustable strength: soft gels of CSC micelles (hard sphere
    crystallization) vs. open association
  • Ferrohydrogels by incorporation of magnetic nanoparticles

Trishydrophilic ABCBA Pentablock Terpolymers
  • Hydrogel formation triggered by pH via open association
    (high concentration of pentablock)
  • Swelling/contraction adjustable via temperature variation

separating line

Synthesis via: Characterization techniques:
  • Anionic polymerization
  • ATRP
  • RAFT
  • NMR
  • SEC
  • DLS
  • TEM / cryo-TEM
  • Rheology
  • SANS

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