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SFB 481 TP A12: Structure Formation and Phase Equilibria in Concentrated Solutions of Charged Starpolymers
From 07/2004 to 06/2010
Project leader: Matthias Ballauff, Axel H. E. Müller
The aim of the project is a thorough understanding of the phase behavior and dynamics of charged star polymers in aqueous solution. We have already proven experimentally some predictions of the theory, like the dependence of the osmotic pressure on the arm number or the contraction of stars in presence of multivalent counterions. By continuing our work we want to thoroughly investigate mainly cationic stars. To do so, parameters like star concentration, valency of counterions, temperature and the architecture of the stars (arm length and arm number) will be varied. Specific interactions between counterions and star polymers are of interest. Attractive interactions, which can be triggered by temperature changes, will play a role (in particular, LCST). All experimental findings shall be compared with results of MD simulation and analytical theory. The search for ordered structures in concentrated polyelectrolyte star solutions will continuously be a major topic. In addition we want to intensify the work regarding the manipulation of charged star polymers with help of external stimuli (e.g., light => „nanoblossoms“) and investigate their potential use in nanotechnology.

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List of publications of this Project

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