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SFB 481 TP B9: Hybrid Systems with Magnetic Nanoparticles
From 07/2001 to 06/2010
Project leader: Axel H. E. Müller, Matthias Ballauff, Reinhard Richter
Coworkers: Youyong Xu
Colloidal solutions of magentic nanoparticles (ferrofluids) show usually weak magneto-rheological properties due to a low tendency to aggregate into chain like structures. In combination with polymers strain-resistant structures can be selectively produced, that are expected to show strong magneto-rheological effects. This goal will be followed up by two complementary approaches. On the one hand, work on the incorporation of magentic nanoparticles into core-shell cylindrical brushes will be continued, with focus on synthetical and structural aspects that have to be investigated in more detail. Scattering techniques (small angle neutron scattering, SANS; anomalous small angle X-ray scattering, ASAXS) will be mainly used to follow the structural changes during the synthesis in detail. On the other hand, suspensions of spherical and cylindrical polymer-nanoparticles in conventional ferrofluids will be investigated.

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List of publications of this Project

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