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Volkswagen-Stiftung: Switchable Intelligent Nanoporous Membranes Based on Block Copolymers
From 05/2005 to 12/2008
Project leader: Jürgen Köhler, Axel H. E. Müller
Coworkers: Felix H. Schacher, Alexandra Sperschneider
The development of synthetic membranes featuring transport selectivity for molecules different from water is a challenge of outstanding relevance. This field is strongly inspired by nature where highly specific transport through biological membranes is based on molecular recognition processes within macromolecular assemblies.
Our aim is the development and characterization of novel synthetic membranes with pore diameters of 2 to 20 nm by exploiting the self-assembly properties of binary or ternary block copolymers to adjust the morphology of the phase-segregated microdomains. The formed block copolymer films will have pores made up from responsive copolymer segments. The intriguing feature of these new membranes is that their permeability can be reversibly switched by external stimuli such as change of temperature or pH, or illumination by light.


Prof. Dr. Mathias Ulbricht
Lehrstuhl für Technische Chemie II, Universität Duisburg-Essen, 45117 Essen

List of publications of this Project

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