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DFG MU896/24 (ESF-SONS): Biofunctional Self-Organized Nanostructures (ESF-Project BIOSONS)
From 10/2006 to 10/2009
Project leader: Axel H. E. Müller
Coworkers: Andreas Walther, Pierre-Eric Millard, André Pfaff
BIOSONS aims at providing a new technology platform for research and training in a modern and multidisciplinary polymer science. This platform will combine the most cutting edge biotechnology with the most advanced polymer chemistry and physics. Chemistry and Physics offer advanced tools for synthesis, characterization, theoretical understanding and manufacture of materials and devices, while Biology offers a window into the most sophisticated collection of functional nanostructures that exist. The inspiration searched in Nature will expand also to the clean, self-sustainable and efficient way that nature produces such sophisticated molecules. Top-notch groups are recruited within BIOSONS to build an excellence tech platform from which the new material science and emerging areas of expected profound impact in the future society (Nanobiotechnology, synthetic biology …), will find adequate support for its future development. Along the project, Biology will be integrated at different levels and with different roles. In the ground level, biological entities and molecules will be adapted in nanostructured devices and substrates made from more conventional polymers. Amphiphilic block and graft copolymers, core-shell nanoparticles, “Janus micelles” and some other functional molecules and systems will be “decorated” with biological molecules in order to combine the strong potential of structure forming of conventional polymers with the high and specific functionality of biological molecules (binding affinity, sensing capacities, highly non-linear response, etc.). In a second level of integration, biological and bioinspired molecules will be used to help in the process of self-assembling itself. The enormous self-assembling capacities of some given polypeptides, DNAs, etc. along with the use on new techniques such as protein engineering will be exploited to expand the limits of self-assembling and get reach to a new generation of self assembled structures. Finally, in a third group of explored materials and devices, concepts and know-how coming from conventional polymer science will be directly applied to biological and biorelated macromolecules. In this last case, those biomacromolecules will completely substitute the oil-derived polymers by making use of pioneer techniques such as genetic engineering of protein-based polymers. Finally, BIOSONS is intended as an application-oriented research network. All the tools and knowledge developed within the network will be focused on marketable products. The aimed tasks are designed to be used in tissue engineering, drug(gene) delivery, nanobiotechnology, lab-on-a-chip systems and advanced smart materials and devices for agriculture, food packaging, cosmetics, etc. The interdisciplinary approach of BIOSONS will establish a complete chain of knowledge: It ranges from innovative concepts for the design and the (bio)synthesis of novel materials to the fabrication of controlled (ordered) nanostructures via self-assembly. It will provide responsive surfaces having specific (multi)(bio)functionalities and includes the characterisation and understanding the physical properties of these new functional surfaces. Potential applications will be explored in market-oriented studies.

List of publications of this Project

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