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DFG Mu896/39-1: Optimizing mechanical properties of non-miscible polymer blends with customized Janus particles as compatibilizers
From 02/2011 to 12/2014
Project leader: Axel H. E. Müller, Volker Altstädt, Holger Schmalz
Coworkers: Tina Löbling

The aim of this project is to find essential knowledge about the micro-mechanical effect of Janus particles as compatibilizers for non-miscible polymer blends. Of particular interest is the effect of the Janus particles as a function of their topology, cross-linking degree and the aspect ratio on the morphology, processability and the mechanical attributes of compatibilized blend systems. Janus particles are an innovative advancement of triblock terpolymers for better compatibilization, impact modification and nanostructurization of non-miscible blend systems.
Structure-property relationships of the compatibilized blend systems as a function of the Janus particles’ properties will be acquired through morphological, rheological and fracture-mechanical analysis. Fracture-mechanical assay under short- and long-term together with dynamic and static stress give indication of industry-relevant optimization of blend systems wear behavior. Subsequently the micro-mechanical effect of Janus particles through microscopic analysis of the test specimens’ fractured surfaces is evaluated.

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