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178. Mori, H.; Müller, A.H.E.: Hyperbranched (Meth)acrylates in Solution, in the Melt, and Grafted From Surfaces in C.A. Schalley, F. Vögtle, Eds.: Topics in Current Chemistry, Dendrimers V, Springer, Heidelberg, 228, p. 1 (2003)
Key words: Hyperbranched polymers, (meth)acrylates, self-condensing vinyl polymerization, controlled polymerization, surface-grafted hyperbranched polymers, polymer brushes, hybrid nanaoparticles
This review summarize recent advances in the synthesis and characterization of hyperbranched (meth)acrylates. We will focus on self-condensing vinyl (co)polymerization as an effective method for the synthesis of hyperbranched polymers. Molecular parameters of hyperbranched polymers obtained by self-condensing vinyl (co)polymerization are discussed in theoretical point of view. Solution properties and melt properties of the resulting hyperbranched poly(meth)acrylates and poly(acrylic acid)s are reviewed. A novel synthetic concept for preparing hyperbranched polymer brushes on planar surfaces and nanoparticles is also described.

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