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280. Yuan, J.; Schmalz, H.; Xu, Y.; Miyajima, N.; Drechsler, M.; Möller, M.W.; Schacher, F.H.; Müller, A.H.E.: Room-temperature growth of uniform tellurium nanorods and the assembly of tellurium or Fe3O4 nanoparticles on the nanorods, Adv. Mater. 20, 947 (2008) -- DOI: 10.1002/adma.200701756 -- PDF
Key words: Nanoparticles, Nanorods, Semiconductors

Uniform and single-crystalline tellurium (Te) nanorods with high aspect ratio (~20) were prepared via cylindrical polymer brush-assisted method in THF at room temperature, which were well dispersed and stable in solution. Te nanorods prepared by this method have been successfully used as template to assemble inorganic (Te or Fe3O4) nanoparticles on the nanororod surface to form a Te nanorod / Te or Fe3O4 nanoparticle complex structure.

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