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182. Mori, H.; Müller, A.H.E.: New Polymeric Architectures with (Meth)acrylic Acid Segments, Progress in Polymer Science 28, 1403 (2003)
Stichworte: Acrylic acid; Methacrylic acid; Controlled/living polymerization; Block copolymers; Branched polymers; Polymer brushes; Polyelectrolytes
This review summarizes recent advances in the design and synthesis of novel complex polymers with (meth)acrylic acid segments using various living and controlled polymerization techniques. As polymeric architectures, we will focus on block copolymers, branched polymers, Janus micelles, and polymer brushes. Characteristic solution behavior and morphologies derived from their amphiphilic properties and three-dimensional architectures will be introduced briefly.

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