Sonderforschungsbereich 481

    Komplexe Makromolekül- und Hybridsysteme in inneren und äußeren Feldern

Subproject a11:

Diffusion of single molecules in complex polymer systems

Prof. Matthias Ballauff (Physical Chemistry I)

This project investigates the dynamic of polymer chains. For this purpose we follow the diffusion of individual polymer chains by fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS). For the experiments we synthesised polymer chains and labeled them with one dye molecule per chain and observed the time dependent translatorial and rotatorial motion of the chains. By analysing the diffusion of single chains in complex polymersystems, which were synthesized in other projects of the SFB, we are able to study the transport of individual polymer chains in the field of the surrounding molecules.
Diffraction limited 3D-image of a single perylenbisimid molecule.

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