Sonderforschungsbereich 481

    Komplexe Makromolekül- und Hybridsysteme in inneren und äußeren Feldern

Subproject A10:

Morphology development of polymer blends and block copolymers during foaming with selective solvents

Prof. Volker Altstädt (Polymeric Materials)
Prof. Axel H.E. Müller (Macromolecular Chemistry II)

In this project, the morphology development of nanostructured polymers under elongational flow is investigated and correlated to the resulting materials properties. As a typical example for an elongational flow field, the foam expansion of polymers, a significant polymer processing technique, is analyzed. Foam processing of such multiphase materials offers promising strategies to develop novel cellular materials. Moreover, the aimed selection of solvents, which can act as physical blowing agent, provides an excellent potential to selectively reduce the glass transition temperature and the viscosity of an individual phase by the selectivity to the solvent. An active control of the morphology development during foam expansion can thus be expected. The systematic investigation of the relationships between the type as well as content of the blowing agent, the foam processing technique and the property profile of the cellular materials can be regarded as the overall aim of the project.
Morphology, mean cell size and density of foamed PPE/SAN blends

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