Sonderforschungsbereich 481

    Komplexe Makromolekül- und Hybridsysteme in inneren und äußeren Feldern

Subproject a13:

Dynamics on mesoscopic scale in structured polymer systems: NMR Relaxometry

Prof. Ernst Rößler (Experimental physics II)

The project consists of investigating the polymer and glass dynamics in topologically well-defined polymer systems by means of NMR Relaxometry. For that purpose, a fast-field cycling relaxometer (STELAR FFC 2000) was purchased which allows to measure the dispersion of the spin-lattice relaxation within the frequency range 0.01 MHz to 20 MHz. Apart from addressing fundamental questions of the dynamics in polymer melts and further developing the FFC technique, we study the dynamics of polymers networks, star and ring polymers as well as of micro-phase separated block copolymers. All in all, the aim of this research is to identify superstructure-induced relaxation phenomena.

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