Sonderforschungsbereich 481

    Komplexe Makromolekül- und Hybridsysteme in inneren und äußeren Feldern

Subproject B10:

Nanoporous Capsules and Membranes via Self-assembly of Nanoparticles at liquid-liquid Interfaces

Prof. Alexander Böker (Physical Chemistry II)

This project aims to investigate the spontaneous self-organisation of functional nanoparticles at various liquid interfaces, for example in Pickering emulsions as well as polymer blends and block copolymers melts. We plan to continue the experiments on the thermodynamics of particle adsorption to oil/water interfaces with respect to their size and functionality. Finally, the obtained results will help to build capsules and membranes which will then be characterized with respect to their mechanical stability and permeability.
Confocal fluorescence microscope image of CdSe nanoparticles (4.6 nm) assembled at water droplets in toluene.

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