Sonderforschungsbereich 481

    Komplexe Makromolekül- und Hybridsysteme in inneren und äußeren Feldern

Subproject z4:

Polymer processing and rheology (central facilities)

Prof. Hans-Werner Schmidt (Macromolecular Chemistry I)
Dr. Reiner Giesa (Macromolecular Chemistry I and Polymer Processing Lab)
Prof. Axel H. E. Müller (Macromolecular Chemistry II)
Prof. Matthias Ballauff (Physical Chemistry I)

Subproject Z4 comprises the polymer processing and specimen preparation lab and the rheology lab. Within the scope of the Collaborative Research Center, the central facilities Z4 were used for a multitude of subprojects and therefore have an important linking function. During the current offer period, the rheology lab was expanded by the high frequency rheology from Prof. M. Ballauff in Physical Chemistry I. For many subprojects in the offer continuation, this broad array of methods is essential for individual research aspects. In turn, rheology can provide preliminary and fundamental work for the polymer processing lab, e.g. the creation of flow curves and estimation of optimum processing temperatures. Many subprojects use the polymer processing and specimen reparation lab for the production of test specimens, films, fibers, and coatings from solution and melt.
Injection-molded disc (diameter: 25 mm) for holographic data storage consisting of a blend of a PS-block-HEMA copolymer and polystyrol.

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